Monday, 23 November 2015

Organic agriculture is helping save bees from extinction

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(NaturalNews) Conventional farming has become a reckless institution that pays no heed to soil nutrition, soil microbes, wildflowers and the natural habitat of pollinators. Under today's conventional farming systems, insects and herbs are expendable. Farming now works against nature instead of working with it. The health of the earth is sacrificed as conventional farming systems disconnect from the ecosystem they should be preserving. One of the most important components of agriculture – pollinators – is suffering more than ever before.

The Organic Center released a report titledThe Role of Organic in Supporting Pollinator Health, which details the current threats to pollinators. The report reveals several organic farming practices that support the health of honeybees and other pollinators while encouraging an agricultural system that respects the balance of nature. These pollinator-friendly farming techniques can be used on both organic farms and conventional farms to save the bees and the butterflies from extinction.

"Our paper takes an in-depth look at the challenges faced by honey bees and other pollinators, and we look at organic as a model for supporting pollinator populations," said Dr. Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs for The Organic Center. "We hope this report acts as a tool to educate policymakers, growers and consumers. Bee-friendly practices being used by organic farmers can be adopted by all producers to foster healthy pollinators."

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